Coffee Sucks

I hate coffee. I always have. I understand why people drink it, I know the science of it’s benefits, but I still hate it. I have tried it as a source of energy and it was first of all a poor source of energy. I basically just crashed and second to avoid crash and get energy back you need to drink more. It’s the whole dependency aspect.

I only realized this because the year before I tried it, for one month I wasn’t eating meat. just fruits, smoothies, and veggies but barely any grains. The energy was unreal and it lasted well after I stopped the habits. It was so much better than the stupid cycle of coffee. drink. drink to avoid crash. finish work. crash. repeat tomorrow. Fall in love with coffee.

With my one month change in meals I had endless energy and it didn’t feel artificial. I didn’t feel focused because of caffeine I felt alive and well every morning beating my alarm clock every time to the point where I turned it off. I woke up before sunrise with loads of energy, not tired and needing coffee to get me focused. I even slept less hours but with much better quality of sleep. That energy lasted me ’till ten at night some nights without a crash ever. When the lights went out I was asleep in minutes. There are negatives. Like the second week I experienced this sleepiness or tiredness when the sun went down. or in a movie when the lights dim.

I sleep a LOT now. I remember living a healthy lifestyle and with the natural source of energy added sleeping two hours and waking up with more energy than I do today sleeping six, eight, or ten hours. I was shocked at the time. I still am. It is incredible. Since then I don’t understand the point of drinking coffee to get through the day. If I need to make a lifestyle change because I do more and need more energy I will just go be healthier. It’s fun. It’s simple. It’s like for every need there is a short term solution with an unforeseen con. Why do we have to make things so complicated and so maintenance heavy.

It’s because people aren’t willing to sacrifice to get what they need sometimes. Arguing with coffee drinkers is pointless to me. People say coffee gives them what they want, short term energy to get the task at hand done and that’s fine. But the things that are better for them no one wants because it requires sacrifice and is long term. Why wouldn’t you want better if you could have it. It doesn’t make sense to me. Fear of the initial investment is probably why.

In my mind comparing the two sources of energy, because that is what they are used for and what each provided for me, it’s like looking at long term vs short term. Like almost every thing the reward of the short term doesn’t make sense when it comes to the reward of the long term long lasting benefits of just being healthier. Coffee is singular and provides great benefits. But being healthier comes with perks in all areas of life. It also tastes better.

I wrote this so people in my life who drink coffee could stop annoying me. Please. Stop. I hate coffee. Thanks.




Escaping The System Introduction

In today’s world, there are thousands of students shoved into a formal education system they do not belong in. Every day high school and college students take to the web or a friend and complain about a project or how school is not exciting and it isn’t for them. Every day college graduates are met with unexpected difficulty to obtain a job as degrees are struggling to hold their value and are met with life restraining debt.

But there is a book that provides perspective on our country’s biggest problem and gives tips to those caught in a vicious cycle they know they do not belong in anymore. Escaping The System is written to provide guidance to students that are stuck in an environment that limits their growth and spark the explosion that helps hundreds realize who they need to become in order to bring what they desire into their life.

As a student who hunted something more from life than a final or an A, a student who has talked to and read from hundreds of present and past students at all levels of education, a student who went through every single year of high school and formal education being fed hundreds of assignments and siphoned general impractical knowledge for creativity, I’ve gathered opinions and observations from lost individuals, experiences, and extremely successful individuals.

Students (and many others) have already experienced a shift in mindset and a change in the direction of their lives from reading, receiving, and sharing the awesome knowledge that is held in this book.

“I received advice from a good guy once. I came to him about my loneliness and depression, which stemmed from other individuals, and whatever attention I got was negative. What this man told me to do was to worry about myself and handle myself. Ever since then, I can’t say I thought myself over others, but I did learn how to think about and worry about myself without needing others to make me happy and feel good. This has helped me grow and become independent and self-sufficient. The man who gave me this advice is none other than the author of this book, Usama Khan.” – Shonte Dixon, aspiring entrepreneur, Virginia USA

I promise you if you take action on the challenges in this book and implement the advice gifted to you, you will be able to find your purpose, become the best ever possible version of yourself in the long run, and succeed at anything you choose.

Don’t be someone who compromises, be someone who desires something and gets it. Don’t be someone who procrastinates, be someone who gets things done at will. Don’t be someone who has someone else choose their entire life or aspects of it for them, be someone who chooses a life that’s fulfilling.

The perspective as well as the tips given to you from myself and massively successful people is guaranteed to give you positive, fulfilling results. The only thing you have to do to change your life is to keep reading. Each chapter will engage your mind as each chapter offers practical advice and unique observations. Right now is the time to make the decision to change your life, gain constant momentum towards finding the life you’ve been longing for, and to finally not be in the pursuit of happiness any longer but to enjoy a happy life.

Before Society

When I was a child, before being processed by the education system but still learning mathematics, I had a natural extreme inclination to science and inventions. Although all my attempts to make something out of cardboard failed that inclination would continue and for my first years being put into the system of formal education I was a part of the nerd crowd.

Skinny, made fun of, didn’t fit in at all. I have always felt like I never fit in. Life was hell. especially because I had no idea why people said and did things to me. Later in Elementary school I gave up on being academically gifted as I could never avoid the bullying. The only thing I cared about was fitting in and being likeable.

I noticed the students who were likeable usually made the others laugh. So I stopped caring about my studies in the fourth grade and I got people to laugh the only way I knew how, to make them laugh at myself. It was a little better. But the bullying didn’t stop until the 7th grade.

At that point I had fallen off the smart wagon as I told myself in the fifth grade that if the pattern of the way we were taught continued in the first two weeks of the sixth grade I would stop giving effort because it was either too easy and when it wasn’t that it was too boring. So for the first six months of the sixth grade I ended up not doing 1 homework assignment, all F’s, hiding my report card, and having the messiest desk in the classroom.

Later in high school when I was still under the impression that school was easy, I disregarded the fact that I hadn’t studied or “done” school in so long, the day I tried I couldn’t do any math or science because of me never learning the stuff I was supposed to when I should have been paying attention in class in elementary school.

For all of my high school life I lived more lonely than ever. Because at my core I still didn’t fit in with people, didn’t do drugs, didn’t party or dance, had no artistic talent since my back injury in middle school(which took me 5 years to get over), and because of my academic inabilities I didn’t even fit in with the math/science/nerd kids I went to Elementary school with anymore! I couldn’t relate to anyone.

And don’t get me started with popularity. I was at the bottom of that too. Annnd yup you guessed it I didn’t relate to the slackers either because of my early days, I was not unable to do school work and had a wild imagination. So basically High school was horrible. No talents, No relatability.

Everything really went as south as possible when I was put into the school system. Oh and also recently discovered two of my greatest weaknesses. One deals with money, a repeated pattern with the kids of this generation and one of the only things adults are right about. It is due to my lack of responsibility and blessed parents protection and hustle when we were growing up. Basically I was a spoiled brat.

Now out of high school and feeling the exact same as I did when I was 7(because I have not become one percent more useful in my practicality), I am set out to make up for the twelve years I could have done something great and make up for basically a period of lost time that’s lasted at most twelve years and at least seven-eight years. I stopped seeing schools usefulness at 4th grade. We did the same thing every year so I assumed and was right about school HA. Still useless! and gotta love it…. Not.

Not to mention I have no creativity or imagination anymore. I am going to relearn how to be who I was before and advance myself as if school never happened. I am unleashing the 7 year old of 2004. Watch out world! You have an angry toddler lurking in your adult society!


P.S. If you are having back problems join me and the old people in our pain! or go to google and find important info on it. read up on how the back works and only take advice derived from a scientific explanation, the health industry is no doubt a business more so than a benefit for people. Check your info carefully! Here are some links:

-Find a chiropractor, Virginia represent. Swag.

Harrisonburg Chiropractor

General info:

you can google the rest stop being lazy

Health is wealth folks! The End.




The Fight

Damn it. It is 3:29 am, and less than a minute ago I was in bed. Such a comfy bed. I am cold and tired. My window was open is why. I have slacked very hard the last couple days, and am extremely unhappy with the lack of progress I have made in one area of my life. and others. Why did I get up. I do not deserve to sleep. I can’t sleep because I want my new life too bad and don’t deserve that right now. I’m trying to do what it takes to deserve it. I am fighting that fight I have heard and read so much about. The late night struggle. Doing whatever it takes to succeed. I just waannntt to sleeeeeeeep wtfff aaggghhhhhhhh. DAMN IT! I cannot though. So I used every ounce of willpower I had to get up. My body is just telling me to stop and be average but I wont fucking do it! I WILL GET WHAT I DESIRE IT WILL BE MINE. FUCK!  This shit is hard. God help me. If it were possible to post emoji’s this article would be littered with the tired ones. I guess It all comes down to if I want it bad enough. Yes I do. I needed to write this internal struggle out as I’ve gone well past the whether I want to do it or not point and am hitting the no choice must do whatever it takes point. So yeah. hopefully this wasn’t too awkward….bye…


Holy cow. I haven’t felt this way in so long. I…don’t know how to explain my gratitude. Let me explain what just happened, so 3 weeks ago I announced on Facebook that I was getting off so that I could focus on releasing something at the end of September. And I’ve spent the previous two weeks basically not making any progress at all. Not one word written. So going back to the post I experienced a feeling I never have before, It was all the emotion I’ve held back my whole life that was just released all of a sudden, my cousin even saying he was shocked I would say such things. It just came out and I really just said it all. At that moment I realized that I had a serious issue at the core of my personality. I screenshotted all the words and deleted them because I needed to think about what just happened. What it meant. I have struggled for years with that unrecognizable lack of confidence and discomfort in my chest, I have literally avoided people and assignments and procrastinated and the whole past decade has been shaped around that fear and disbelief. All because of one thing. An issue that has been locked up since I went to kindergarten. It has bothered me since the post and I have never felt so just not alive in my life. I always really felt out of place for the past couple years and I never felt like myself and I didn’t realize that until now because I spent so long living with that pain and discomfort and emotional scar, that I forgot it was there. until the post triggered it. I’m so happy I always said what was on my mind and gave it thought because I would have continued to live a fraud of myself forever. If I kept running, or even just didn’t put time into trying to be the best me. But basically, I have been in touch with a great guy by the name of Dane Maxwell for the past year, I was accepted into their Foundation program that teaches you how to start a SaaS business as it’s main focus. I never had the money to pay for it. I always had a great entrepreneurial mind, but I have always been afraid to go out there and sell. Hence why I couldn’t afford The Foundation because I had this self limiting belief since childhood, that I was never good enough. That I was going to fail. And I shouldn’t waste my time trying because of that. But I was wrong. I am good enough, and I won’t fail! I am writing a book, and I can write it in 25 days. On top of that I always struggled with loneliness. I remember when I was just starting in the world and how utterly and undeniably magical it felt, that I literally knew nothing but love from my parents, And I wasn’t even aware enough to recognize that feeling. I dreamt of a world that was undiscovered. I loved to read fantasy and mystery books. Then I went out to that world outside my house, to school and in the neighborhood, and experienced a thing called hate. Why were these people saying these things to me? I didn’t know how to respond to them, so I just absorbed all of it. and Held it in and let it manifest at the deepest part of my heart until 3 weeks ago, when I noticed it again. Going back to Dane Maxwell, I always get emails from him and The Foundation because I subscribed to their emailing list, and have Dane’s number I got off an interview he had with someone I knew at the time. I remember thinking how odd it was that Dane was able to feel for people at such a deep level. I remember him saying to me over text something to the tune of, “I’ll keep you in my heart and thoughts brother”. I was comforted but confused(in a good way), What kind of millionaire business man says that to someone he’s never even met? So today I received an email that him and his co-founder put together on self limiting beliefs, I grabbed my notebook and I dove head first into all that discomfort, tension, and tightness in my chest, throat, and stomach. I wrote it all down. At the end of the video Dane mentioned that below there was a link to a live call with a previous foundation student in which they overcame his self limiting belief. I listened to all of it and followed along. Every time a question was asked I would respond by writing it down and diving in even deeper. I wanted to figure out what this invisible barrier really was. I was sitting their following along when the belief was brought to the light  I then proceeded to reverse it. All I can say is, I haven’t felt this way since I was a kid. I mean I really haven’t even experienced this feeling for longer than a couple seconds since I was a 6 year old. I feel like me again. Like who I was before all the hate and loneliness set in, just in a bigger body. To the extent that I’m looking around telling myself look at all the cool stuff I grew up to having, I am loved and have friends and family that love me. I have this cool carbon fiber red nexus 6 and a cool car, A book case, a chalk board in my room, a custom built pc, and all the red looks so real and vivid. Like I haven’t been able to see this way since I was younger. I don’t have a anything on my mind but what I’m doing right now. For the first time since I was thrown into school I’m living in the present, counting my blessings one by one. I’m not worrying about the future, or the past. Nothing is on my mind at all. I am living in every second as it goes by with my eyes wide open and feeling so much happiness flowing through every part of me. I can feel the cold air like it’s meant to be felt. Not making me worry about how cold it is, rather I’m experiencing the feeling of temperature. It feels just like it did when I was a kid and I felt it for the first time, I was eating rice and felt like I hadn’t eaten in so long. Not a feeling of hunger, but the rice tasted so fresh and so new. Like I hadn’t eaten it before. Dane, Thank you so much. I can be me again. I can be happy and love and believe in myself. I don’t feel worried about texting anyone anything and worrying if they’ll think what I say is stupid or if they’re laughing at me or if they will lash out at me and tell me I’m annoying. I’m smiling a good smile. I can be happy again. And I can work ten times harder regardless of the adversity now that I am not holding myself back any more. Thank you so so much Dane and Andy and all of The Foundation. I’m just going to let this all sink in. Remember all the previous years, looking at them from an outside perspective this time. I fuckin’ love everything right now. Woohoo!  And thank you for reading this.

A Call To All Humans

The following post is about a rant that was a response to a bunch of testimonies from IDF soldiers. You will read both the response and the original post.

Outrageous. Simply disgusted and pissed. We live in a world where shit like this goes in one ear and out the other. Forgotten the next day and if not forgotten, you “keep them in your thoughts”. Well that doesn’t save anyone. It doesn’t help anyone and its selfish because everyone can change the world. But any time I bring up a tragedy that’s across the world any person will say, “yeah it’s a tragedy. But what can we do about it, you know?” No. In fact I don’t know. The excuse of ignorance doesn’t exist anymore. In the digital age you choose to ignore things and its a real damn shame that people choose to ignore this. Because they think they can’t do anything about it. But that’s a damn lie. And deep down inside people know it. Of course not every one will be willing to sacrifice their time or other things to help change the world and push it forward in terms of humanitarian rights and morals and values. But damnit at least someone speak up. I never imagined that NO one would actually take action. What a damn shame. The brave, courageous, and just will do their thing those who knowingly ignore it sit back and watch. Your inability to act according to justice is selfish and helps none of humanity. Think about it. Is living inside your comfort zone and benefitting only those you love worth it and selfless? We all wanted to change the world at one point and be remembered for something before someone told us “you can’t” or “it’s not possible”. But it is! You only missed the shots you never took. There has never been a better time than now to change the world. Share this please. I know its a rant but maybe it will inspire someone to reach out to me or take action. Together with a team or individually we can change the world.

Mohammed Zeyara on July 10th

This is very important.

A collection of testimonies from Israeli Defence Force Soldiers via United Nation commission’s report on war on Gaza, Palestine:

“It’s simple: whoever feels like shooting more – shoots more. Most guys shot more. Dozens of shells [per day], throughout the operation.”

“Almost every object or structure within the forces’ eyeshot had the potential to be considered suspicious and thus targeted.” Even movements in a window led to a strike on a house, in which soldiers shot to kill”

“[T]he soldiers were briefed by their commanders to fire at every person they identified in a combat zone, since the working assumption was that every person in the field was an enemy.”

“Anything still there is as good as dead. Anything you see moving in the neighborhoods you’re in is not supposed to be there. The [Palestinian] civilians know they are not supposed to be there. Therefore whoever you see there, you kill,”

“The rules of engagement for soldiers advancing on the ground were open fire, open fire everywhere, first thing as you go in. The assumption being that the moment we went in [to the Gaza Strip], anyone who dared poke his head out was a terrorist. And it pretty much stayed that way throughout the operation.”

“They told us, ‘There aren’t supposed to be any civilians there. If you spot someone, shoot.’ Whether it posed a threat or not wasn’t a question, and that makes sense to me. If you shoot someone in Gaza, it’s cool, no big deal.”

“I got the impression that every house we passed on our way got hit by a shell – and houses farther away too,” a first sergeant in an IDF engineering unit in Gaza City told Breaking the Silence. “It was methodical. There was no threat.”

“An infantry soldier in the southern Gaza Strip described an incident in which two unarmed young women walking in an orchard were “implicated” by a drone. After they were killed, the women “were listed as terrorists. They were fired at – so of course, they must have been terrorists.”

Source and Copyright: Truthout.

Thank you all for reading.


This poem is a poem I wrote earlier this year about the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my entire life. I’ve moved on since but in reference to something unfortunately brilliant I read earlier this year, “we all meet someone who ignites a fire in our hearts that will never be put out. The sad thing is sometimes that person is not the person we get to spend the rest of our lives with”. With that being said this poem was written when she was igniting a fire inside me and remains the only love poem I’ve written. It was supposed to be read over “Nuvole Bianche” by Ludovico Einaudi but didn’t catch the rhythm very well. Also once the last line has been reached, the poem is read backwards or from bottom to top. I’m sure one day I’ll write another. Until then enjoy these extremely gooey verses. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, Matter.

They say mind over matter
Do you mind if I love you?
But I can’t figure out how much you matter
Because you’re always on my mind
And you’re worth more than any matter
You’re priceless

I love you

I wish I could hug you and kiss you and tell you
I wish I could spoil you with loyalty
Because you can finance yourself

Misses independent
always taking on the world
You’re Always giving me another reason
To love you
It’s endless
Like our relationship
I’ll love you forever my sweet

Your heart is my world and
My heart is yours to keep
As long as forever will be
I’ll walk this earth confidently
Because your heart is my world darling

Your heart is my world
And its true
I do

And we can start over again

-Yours Truly, Usama